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The Sponsorship Problem

  • The top 100 events in the US take 40% of the $125M spent annually on sponsorships. 
  • It is hard for brands to sponsor smaller running events (between 300-700 athletes).
  • It is difficult to track the value of ad impressions they receive.
  • Even harder for them to measure engagement and success from events.  

Typically sponsors only get their LOGO placed on t-shirts and websites.  

Our Digital Tools Help You Attract More Sponsors!




Capture the eye of an athlete as they check their race results

Custom branded overlays, tagging, and water marking with logos

Brands can be link when sharing via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

With our apps and network, you can offer digital touchpoints for sponsors to interact with athletes at your events. Offer your sponsor the ability to provide race results on mobile devices.

"Race Results brought to you by MY BIG SPONSOR"

Offer a sponsor the ability to water market pictures that are shared socially on facebook, Instagram, and more! 

Connect with more Sponsors

The Solution

Connect with Higher Value 

Sponsor Placement

Whether your race has 100 participants or 50,000 we can help!

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What tools do we offer?

  • Photo Tagging
  • Social Sharing
  • Targeted Branding



  • Photo Tagging
  • Social Sharing
  • Targeted Branding

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Easily add an event with your event details such as the location, date, and race information.

Add Touchpoints

Enable interaction areas for sponsors to be recognized in shared photos, race results, social media posts, or more!

Connect With Sponsors

Offer sponsors a flat rate or charge by athlete for touchpoints you are offering, track this data, and show sponsors real interaction with better brand recognition.




Affordable Pricing


  • Online Race Results w/Leaderboards
  • Customizable Awards
  • Online Photos + Photo Tagging
  • Integration With Bolt RFID Timing Platform
  • Everything in Free Tier
  • Sponsor Branding For Up To 250 Athletes
  • Branded Website
  • iOS/Android Listing
  • Discounts On Pass Online Ticketing
  • Everything in $199 Tier
  • Sponsor Branding For Up To 500 Athletes
  • Premium Sponsorship Ads
  • Marketing Materials For Sponsors
  • Tablet Kiosk App
  • Everything in $299 Tier
  • Sponsor Branding For Up To 750 Athletes
  • Sponsor Outreach - 200 Local Businesses
  • Extra App Features
  • Discount On Bolt RFID





Demo Branded Sponsor Website

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Custom Apps

Looking for a custom mobile app for iPhone and Android devices? We can help.

Simple RFID

Seamless integration to our user friendly Bolt RFID hardware for instant race results


Access our online ticketing platform; register day of event, assign bibs, connects with RFID

Additional Integrations Too!

Elevate Your Sponsorship Offerings: Ready to connect with larger sponsors?

We'll help you improve your event by connecting you with digital touchpoints and apps for more effective and modern sponsorship placement!